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Josh Jordan

Experienced hardware and firmware engineer specializing in bluetooth and wifi applications.



Firmware Development


Firmware is often the most critical piece of a design. It take expertise in coding standards, microcontrollers, low level communication protocols, and radio frequency protocols to implement reliable firmware. With many years experience using Nordic, ESP32, NXP, and other microcontrollers I can complete firmware projects and provide the most reliable code.


Hardware Development

Good hardware designs pave the way for smooth firmware development, reliable product operation, and optimized bill of materials. It takes someone with many years hardware and firmware experience to create the best hardware designs. Completing both the hardware and firmware pieces of a project can save time and money. Experienced with Altium and Kicad.

Internet Of Things

Bluetooth and WiFi

Long before it was called "Internet of Things," we were connecting hardware together. Battery powered smart devices requires a lot of care to get right, from system architecture down to the hardware design. The best systems require a careful, multidisciplined approach.

Web Development

Experience in wordpress, static sites, domain management, dashboards, databases, map interfaces, and other hardware to web tasks.